ARTHA (अर्थ)
Meaning. Essence. Goal. Purpose.
One of four key aims of life in Indian Philosophy.
The fuel that drives our practice.

We believe in living life with meaning, and we derive meaning from helping others. But, wanting to do good doesn't always translate into action. And, action doesn't always translate into impact. We're here to make sure it does.  


Theory without practice is idle.
Practice without theory is blind.
— Chinese proverb

Artha empowers social impact organizations to maximize their potential and performance through consulting on: impact strategy and assessment, brand advocacy, solution design, and the cultivation of emotionally intelligent teams. 

Recent clients include US-based social enterprises, such as: 

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.
On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.

Anusuya Banerjee

A social impact strategist who believes a better world is possible because of people like you. Anusuya launched Artha after working for over 10 years to create social impact through grassroots organizations, academic nonprofits and the United Nations. She kept seeing mission-driven organizations fail because they were: fighting fires rather than taking strategic steps, designing solutions without understanding problems, struggling to demonstrate unique value and impact to funders, and squandering human resources through emotionally unintelligent workplaces. So, she leveraged her experience to curate a set of consulting services for social organizations to overcome these persistent, but often hidden, challenges. An exceptionally critical thinker and hands-on problem solver, she brings substantial experience in strategy, research, advocacy and management to her current practice at Artha.

Learn more about her past work here.