From the Founder


Artha (अर्थ): Meaning. Essence. Purpose.

An aim of life in Indian philosophy, and

the fuel that drives our practice.

I launched Artha Consulting to address the most critical internal barriers that mission-driven teams and organizations face. While working with the UN and various non-profits in the US, India, Kenya, Bangladesh for over a decade, I found the same problems everywhere. Even in light of real resource constraints. most organizations were not maximizing the resources they already had.

Like most professionals in the social impact space, I believe in living life with meaning, and I derive meaning from helping others. But, my experience is that the desire to do good doesn’t always translate into action - and action doesn’t always translate into impact. Artha was created to ensure that it does. Through Artha, I provide strategic consulting services focused to correct misalignment between operations, mission and vision so that social good organizations can boost impact and maximize resources.

Beyond strategy, I also aim to address the more subtle but equally pervasive barriers at the root of tangible problems - gaps in emotional intelligence. Fear of conflict, avoidance of accountability, inattention to results, absence of trust and lack of commitment (what Patrick Lencioni terms the "5 dysfunctions") ultimately stem from gaps in self-awareness, emotional regulation, and compassion.  And, these dysfunctions come at a very real cost. After a decade of experiencing and reflecting on how this happens and why, I thought I should put my insights and energy to good use. Now, I leverage formal education in psychology, training on emotional intelligence cultivation, and the latest scientific findings to provide insights, advice and coaching to mission-driven people and organizations.

I founded Artha to help mission-driven people and organizations do the good work, better.

In solidarity,